Foods That Athletes Avoid as Much as Possible

avoid foodsEvery athlete would never be able to achieve their goals if they had an improper lifestyle. Many people would think that these athletes have it easy, but they have undergone intense training to go as far as reaching the championships. What an average person would eat may not be included in every athletics’ dietary menu, although you will find some of them breaking this discipline and insist on eating unhealthy foods. This is why there are many champions that retain their seat for a couple of years, because they have included in their discipline a very effective way to maintain their strength and vitality. This is not all about calories only, but the right fuel to get every athlete going in the training and their competition. If they take in the wrong kind of food, the effects may not appear right away, but it will greatly affect their regimen and will set them back when competition comes.

 Foods to Avoid by Athletes

Diet SodaDiet Soda – artificial sweeteners like this diet soda will increase an athlete’s risk on weight gain and other health problems. These artificial products trick your body into thinking that it is actually eating real food, and because diet soda has more sweet content than the natural ones, your body starts to produce insulin, which is the hormone responsible for storing fat. It is better to consume the natural ones, but don’t forget to drink them in moderation.

 Canned soup – they are a convenient way to eat out when there is no way to get food, but at they can be unhealthy for your body because they are processed food – they are made to last forFood- Canned Soup more than what natural foods do. Some of these soups have high sodium content that it goes over the health benefits an athlete should have. It is better to go with low-sodium soups, which you can also see in some canned soup products, or better yet, go with homemade soup instead. While the body needs sodium in order to have better performance, putting in too much sodium can attract high blood pressure.

Rice CakesRice cakes – They are reputed to have ‘healthy’ content, but this staple snack, considered to be a good part of the diet, is almost empty, if you talk in the nutritional sense. They may have low-calorie count, like it says on the package, but athletics need more calories as it is converted into fuel and to keep their energy levels up. These biscuits may also claim to have low calories but you have no idea how it is contributing to your blood sugar levels. If you want to munch on better calorWhite Breadies and carbohydrates, go with a muffin or fruits instead.

 White bread – while white rice, breads and pastas are okay, they are ideally not recommended, because their natural fiber and nutrients have been stripped out. They are made from refined white flour, which its fiber, essential vitamins and wheat germ that is needed by athletics are almost no longer there. You better go with whole-grain products instead, rather than picking on the white bread.